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Taekwon-do Activities of ITF in Morocco - September 2015


ITF in Morocco

24th ITF Conference - August 2015


Minutes of 24th TFA Congress

Taekwon-Do Birthday


Dear members,


May I take this opportunity to express my hearty thanks and pay respect to the late Gen. Choi Hong Hi, the Founder of Taekwon-Do, and his family, specially Mrs. Han Chun Hui, the widow of Gen. Choi Hong Hi, on behalf of the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

On this specific occasion, I would as well like to congratulate all the Taekwon-Do brothers and sisters throughout the world who have been devoting themselves to the development and strengthening of the original Taekwon-Do worldwide.
Hereby, I am going to appreciate and remember the efforts and dedication of the Pioneers and Seniors including the Grand Masters who have stayed with Taekwon-Do through their lives, following Father Gen. Choi Hong Hi in faith regardless of the good and bad time.
Thanks to their contributions, Taekwon-Do can grow up like today and consolidate its position firmly in our hearts as the forever PARTNER of our lives.
From now onward, the future of Taekwon-Do depends on us, the new Generations.
If we try our best, following the examples of the Seniors, to fulfill our duties and obligations to fully implement the last words of Gen. Choi Hong Hi, we would get the GREAT BLESSINGS from our Father Gen. Choi Hong Hi.

Let us unite more firmly and work together for our bright future.

Thank you.

Prof. RI Yong Son

ITF President



Respected Prof. Chang Ung,
President of ITF & IOC Member,

The 2nd ITF WOMEN CONFERENCE concluded successfully at New Delhi, India today. The event was attended by over 30 ladies from World over. The conference was opened by Mrs. Rita Kaul, The Director & Principal of Millennium schools, whose profile is as under.

To her credit she has many research works and publications, some of her works are :

  • ‘Handbook of Value Education’ CBSE (Identification of values at different age levels). 1998.
  • ‘School Ambience & Value inculcation through curriculum’ A Handbook for Teachers through CBSE published in 2002.
  • Organizational behavior & Administrative styles
  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • Teaching methodologies at different stages. – SCERT (Jaipur)

She has visited many countries Australia, Singapore, Hongkong, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Turkmenistan, Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom, France and USA.

Prof. Kim Sung Hwan, ITF Secretary General and Mr. Kim Hyong Rak, ITF Finance director expressed ITF's support towards the WOMEN ITF COMMITTEE headed by Senior Master Dr. LINDA LOW on behalf of respected President of ITF Prof. Dr. Chang Ung.

SM Dr. Linda Low, the Chair person of the ITF Women Committee and Mrs. Sabum Rachana Chourasia Rajendran, Secretary General of Taekwon-do Association of India, the organisor of the event welcomed the Chief Guests and other guests of honour and participants and expressed solidarity of women's role in ITF and the world as a whole for development of women in all fields.

Please find attached some photos for your kind information.

With best regards, I remain,
Yours sincerely,,
SM Rajendran Balan,
President - TKD Asscn of India,
EB Member -ITF

Minutes from ITF Woman's Conference


TFA Technical Seminar, at the TFA Centre in SA - July 2015


TFA Technical Seminar - September 2015

Seminar Participant Form

Application for Permission to Grade for 4 Dan, 5 Dan and 6 Dan

Application for International Instructor Certificate

Application for International Umpire Certificate

Gen. Choi Hong Hi Memorial Day - June 2015


Memorial date of our Founders passing: June 15, 2015 will mark the 13th year since the passing of our Founder, General Choi Hong Hi - Tae Kwon Do Father in 2002 at the age of 83. May his legacy of Tae Kwon-Do live on forever!

Letter of Condolence to Nepal - April 2015


The ITF Madagascar Technical Seminar - April 2015


Madagascar Technical Seminar Report

Zimbabwe - New Dojang - April 2015



Zimbabwe Taekwon-Do is proud to announce the opening of a new dojang at CLC Correspondence School, in Belvedere,Harare.
The Taekwon-Do School programme, which started in January 2015, has been very well received by the student’s parents who have indicated a vast improvement in terms of their children’s discipline and approach to their school work and studies.
Sabum-nim Lee Khan extends his appreciation to the Principal, Miss Saira Khan, who was the driving force behind having a Taekwon-Do Curricula within the school programme.

For further information please contact:

Sabun-nim Lee Khan
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
C: +263-771-60-70-04



Accommodation Changes

Congratulation to the 49th Anniversary of ITF - March 2015


Dear SGMs and GMs,
Dear Senior Masters and Masters
Dear Instructors and Practitioners,
Dear all the ITF members and families,

Today marks the 49th Anniversary of the International Taekwon-Do Federation.
First of all, on behalf of ITF and all the Taekwon-Doists over the world, we would like to present the maximum respect and gratitude to the late Gen. Choi Hong Hi, the Founder of Taekwon-Do and ITF.
Already 49 years has passed since the foundation of ITF. During that period, ITF has become the dignified international organization thanks to the great merits and efforts of the seniors and all of you.

Taking the opportunity of this significant day of 49th Anniversary of ITF, the ITF would like to present its sincere thanks and congratulation to all of you, while conveying its wishes to you and your beloved ones for the great success and happiness.
Still there stands a long way in front of us to go through and we have the absolute confidence in our accomplishments and brilliant future as long as we have our beloved ITF, the legacy of Gen. Choi Hong Hi, the Founder of Taekwon-Do and ITF, and such the loyal and indomitable, active and devoted Taekwon-Doist as you.

To accomplish the last wishes of Gen. Choi, we should have to unite more firmly under the ITF headed by Prof. Chang Ung and fulfil our responsibilities and duties as the disciples of Gen. Choi.

Congratulation to all of you!
Glory and Long Live to our ITF!

International Taekwon-Do Federation I.T.F.
Draugasse 3,
1210 Vienna, Austria
T +43 1 292 84 67
F +43 1 292 55 09

Official Invitation - ITF HQ - March 2015


Official Invite

19th ITF Taekwon-Do World Championship - March 2015


Info pack for the 19th ITF World Championship

Sofia Congress - February 2015


 World Taekwondo Federation offer and olive branch - February 2015


Invitation from ITF and President Ung Chang to WTF

Sofia Congress - February 2015


World Taekwon-Do ITF Elite - February 2015


 World Taekwondo Federation offer and olive branch - February 2015


Invitation from ITF and President Ung Chang to WTF

2nd ITF Women's Conference - January 2015




Diplomas of Citation - December 2014


The TFA would like to congratulate both Bosabumnim Ronél Rust (ITFSA Director Legal and Compliance and TFA Secretary General) as well as Bosabumnim Faye Gorman (TFA and ITFSA Communications Director) on receiving Diplomas of Citation from the International Taekwon-Do Federation in recognition of their meritorious contribution to the promotion of Taekwon-Do.

Invite to Woman's Conference in Delhi in 2015 - November 2014


ITF India will be hosting the 2nd Women's Conference in Delhi on 11 & 12 July 2015.

For more information, please see the India invite here.

International Instructors Seminaar & Black Belt Grading - November 2014


Word MAC Games Invitation and Registration- November 2014



ITF Invitation - World MAC Games

ITF World MAC Games Preliminary Registration

Welcome to South Sudan - November 2014


We are delighted to welcome South Sudan as a new member of the Taekwon-Do Federation of Africa.

Tae Kwon Do's 60 Year Anniversary - November 2014


Press Release: HRH Crown Princess Mary visits Tajikistan - October 2014


HRH, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark visits the NTF, partner of UNFPA CO Tajikistan


2nd African ITF Taekwon-Do Championships - August 2014


2nd African Championships Show reel - Technical Seminar and Black Belt Grading 1-2 May 2014 video. Click here

Bsb Dion Basson (ITFSA) excels - May 2014


ITF Morocco Recognition - May 2014


Birthday wishes for Senior Master Kim Jong Su - May 2014


We would like to wish Senior Master Kim Jong Su, TFA Director Technical and Umpiring a happy birthday for today and best wishes for the year.

Email from Prof. Kim Sung Hwan - May 2014


Dear All ITF Mozambique,
Dear Mr. Henry Chissano, President ITF Mozambique,
Dear Tony Ribeiro, Vice-President of ITF Mozambique,

ITF HQ team returned safely to the HQ. We never felt any fatigue though we covered such long distance from Africa to Europe so proud and pleased of the great successes that you made for 2nd African Championship in your country. All these are beyond our expectations without your sincere and responsible involvement for the pre-preparation of the Championship in all its aspects. The 2nd FTA Congress was main prominent summit of the Championship which made a general back review on TFA activities since 15 years ago to present new horizon for the brighter future of TFA. It has been so far so difficult to off-shore your ship and now you are in full waves of the sea. As seeing is believing, HQ team could witness the real potential for further promotion of ITF activities in the Continent. We will be all the time behind you to go ahead in defiance of all challenges. Hoping to listen to you shortly.

With best regards, I remain

Sincerely yours

Professor. Kim Sung Hwan
ITF Executive Director General (EB Member)

Congratulations from Prof. Chang Ung - May 2014


African Congress - May 2014


Congress Minutes 2014


ITFSA 6th Dan Promotion - May 2014


The TFA would like to congratulate ITFSA President, Sabum-nim Jaren Phillips and Secretary General, Sabum-nim Brannon Phillips on their successful promotion to 6th Dan, recently held at the official ITF Technical seminar conducted by Senior Grand Master Hwang Ho Yong, 9th Dan, ITF Senior Vice President, Chairman of the ITF Technical and Education Committee and Senior Master Kim Jong Su, 8th Dan, African Continental Senior Master and TFA Technical Director and Umpire Director.

Snr Grand Master invitation - April 2014


International Martial Art Games Committee Magazine - April 2014


Click image to view Magazine

ITF Women's Conference - April 2014


Women's Committee

1st ITF Women

Notification to all ITF Women Committee Members


Notification to all ITF Women Committee Members


Notification to all NGB



XI Junior & VI Veteran World Championships - Tajikistan


2nd African Championship Invite & Documents


Click the link for the documents:2nd African Championship Invite & Documents

Urgent Notification


Letter of Condolence

Letter of Condolence for SGM. Benny Rivera, ITF Vice-President

Remembering Madiba


Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela

1918 - 2013

A true Champion for freedom and justice

Rest in peace Madiba

Junior Taekwon-Do World Championship in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

To: All the NGBs of ITF

Subject: The ages of competitors in the coming Junior Taekwon-Do World Championship in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Dear all the NGB Presidents,
Dear SGMs, SMs and Masters,
Dear Instructors and coaches,
Dear friends and colleagues,

First of all, on behalf of ITF HQ, I would like to convey the warm greetings to all of you.

As you know well, the 11th Junior & 6th Veteran World Championships will be held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan in August, 2014.

The preparation for the J & V TWC is going well by the active and restless works of Tajikistan – ITF and the ITF would like to be sure about the great success of the Events.

Considering the fact that some NGBs rose the questions concerning with the age of the competitors in the coming ITF Junior Taekwon-Do World Championship to be held in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, ITF HQ felt it is necessary to remind you on the decision of the 22nd ITF Congress, held in Estonia, 2012, on the rules & regulation on the age for the Junior Competitors as follows;

ITF Tournament Rules - Article 12.
Competitors participating in all ITF Junior Taekwon-Do Championship must be 14-17 years old.
It means the participants must not reach 18 years of age on 1st Jan. of the year of Championship and must not be younger than 14 years of age on 31st Dec. of the year of Championship, and must be 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree ITF black belt certificate holders.

I hope this information would be of assistance to you in your preparation for the coming Junior World Championship.

See you in Dushanbe.

Yours in Taekwon-Do,


ITF & WTF Merger Update


ITF & WTF Presidents Prof. Chang Ung & Dr. Choue Chung Won in Buenos Aires recently where
TKD was approved for 2020 by the full IOC Membership.
Pictured here with some of leaders of TKD in Argentina, which had TKD introduced there in 1967

September 25, 2013 - Seoul Korea

Dr. Choue Chung-Won the newly re-elected President of the WTF spoke at a press conference in the Capital City of Seoul announcing that discussions with the Dr. Chang Ung and the ITF are close to being finalized. It was hoped that the agreement, which may result in a working relationship allowing each other’s competitors to participate in both group’s events will be finalized next year (2014). It is uncertain at this point at what the complete details are. The two leaders are scheduled to meet again in Russia next month during the World Combat Games that will be held October 18th to the 26th, 2013.

According to Yonhap News Dr. Choue went on record saying "Though our versions of Taekwondo may be different as a martial art, I think there is plenty of room for compromise when we look at Taekwondo as an Olympic sport." Their article stated “The WTF has viewed Chang's ITF as its counterpart since Chang is an IOC member”.

These leaders have taken a posture that can positively affect all of Taekwondo going forward. Neither of these gentlemen was at the helm during the days when the WTF was formed and then rivaled the ITF in the race to the Olympics, which the WTF eventually succeeded at. However as the international sports community saw with the controversy over Wrestling being recommended for elimination by the IOC Executive Board only to be reinstated just weeks ago by the full IOC Membership, no sport, not even the oldest Olympic one is safe in today’s environment of competition for Olympic status! Having the ITF and WTF work together can help insure it beats back the efforts to supplant it by the waiting list candidate sports as well as the myriad of non-Olympic sports of the Sport Accord all vying for inclusion!

It is ironic that this press announcement was made in Seoul, as it was the seat of the ITF Headquarters when General Choi Hong Hi formed it there on March 22, 1966. It marked the first time in history that any international organization was ever headquartered in Korea. However Gen. Choi, like many Koreans ran afoul of the military dictatorships and fled to a life of exile in Canada. The ITF relocated there in 1972 and then finally to Vienna Austria in 1985, during the height of the “Cold War”. This was done to enhance the spread of Taekwondo to the communist and socialists nations, as part of Gen. Choi’s dream to bring Taekwondo to the world, regardless of political ideology, nationality, race, religion or creed! He would be proud of the work these Gentlemen are doing today. In 1973 the WTF was formed at the 1st Taekwondo World Championships that were held in the brand new Kukkiwon in Seoul Korea.

Prof. Chang maintains a good relationship with Dr. Choue. He backed his re-election as well as the successful candidacy of Mr. Bach of Germany. Voice of America recently reported him saying that he is now working to support the candidacy of Dr. Choue as a Member of the IOC. Once their agreement is signed, they will then work with the new IOC President Mr. Thomas Bach as the next step. "The IOC has taken a keen interest in exchanges between the WTF and the ITF," Choue said. "Thomas Bach, the new IOC president, believes that having any conflict within Taekwondo is inappropriate because the sport has a singular root."

TaeKwonDo Times and Grandmaster Jung Woo Jin have long supported a merging of Taekwondo into one! We are excited by these new developments and eagerly await more news. We of course will report further news as it breaks! TaeKwonDo Times understands that certainly rivalries naturally occurred as groups jockeyed for control and leadership. However today’s leaders are not vested in that battle, as they were not part of it. Nor are many of the circumstances that fueled the tension still relevant today. Taekwondo should be as one and this exciting, breaking news is a great step forward!

Litigation Results

The ITFSA was informed that the litigation between the ITF (Under Prof Dr Chang Ung) and the ITF (Under President GM Trajtenberg) was resolved in December 2012.

According to documentation in the ITFSA’s possession, the Superior Court Vienna, Austria (Case number 15 R 41/11a) ruled in favour of the ITF (Prof Dr Chang Ung). It ruled that:

  1. The appointment of Prof Dr Chang Ung on the 16th of November 2002 in Vienna was in accordance with the expressed intention of the ITF Board members;
  2. The decision of the ITF Board members that Prof Dr Chang Ung should be appointed as the President of the ITF, was recorded, without ambiguity in a resolution dated 16th of November 2002;
  3. The contents of the Minutes of the Board meeting dated 16 November 2002 was not objected to by any party and this confirmed the appointment of Prof Dr Chang Ung;
  4. On 12 June 2003 the General Assembly of the ITF in Thessaloniki unanimously approved the appointment of Prof Dr Chang Ung;
  5. All 120 members of the defendant Association were correctly invited to the General Assembly, according to the members list of Thomas McCallum;
  6. In the invitation to the General Assembly in Thessaloniki the approval of the Board Decision taken on the 16th of November 2002 was explicitly listed as an agenda point;
  7. There is no reason that appointment of the Prof Dr Chang Ung should be rescinded or nullified; and
  8. The defendant was ordered to pay the cost of the litigation to the ITF (Under Prof Dr Chang Ung).

The judgment, ancillary documentation and a full translation will be posted on the ITFSA website within the near future.

It is the express intention of the ITFSA to co-exist in harmony with other organisations in the spirit of the tenets of Taekwon-Do and it is committed to using Taekwon-Do to build a more peaceful world.

Recognition for Uganda


Recognition for Uganda

Letter to ITFSA from Prof. Dato Dr. SGM Leong Wai Meng

5 April 2013


Dear Sirs,

Congratulations to the recognition of ITFSA by ITF and its membership to the ITF. All ITF members in the world welcome you into our family. As Chairman of the Umpire Committee of ITF, I look forward to seeing your team competing in the coming ITF World Championship in Sofia, Bulgaria, in July 2013, and I hope ITFSA will be fielding a few umpires to this championship.

Yours in Taekwon-do,

Prof. Dato Dr. SGM Leong Wai Meng
Vice President of ITF

Chairman of Umpire Committee, ITF
Chairman of Consultative Council, ITF
Chairman of Promotion & Commendation Committee, ITF

Letter to President and Sabum Jaren Phillips

To: Sabum Jaren Phillips


From: SGM Phap Lu
ITF Secretary General

Dear President & Sabum Jaren Phillips,

April 04th 2013 is the historical moment in the history book of ITF South Africa.

On behalf of the International TaeKwon-Do Federation I send to you and all Members of the ITFSA Board of Directors our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS for receiving the Official LETTER OF RECOGNITION ,for your ITF SA as the Official National Governing Body in South Africa, from our President, Prof. & Dr. Chang Ung.

Under your leadership and together with the collective guidance and wisdom of the ITFSA Directors, I am sure that ITFSA will be prosperous and strong for the original TaeKwon-Do and ITF development in South Africa. The ITF President and ITF Executive Board are 100% behind you for all your future endeavours.


ITF Secretary General

South Africa has a new NGB

The only recognised NGB for ITF in South Africa with Sabum Jaren Phillips as the newly democratically elected President of the ITFSA

Letter of Recognition

A 1st ever for Prof.Ph.D Chang Ung

On 15th February 2013, Austria Vienna, ITF President Dr. Chang Ung is honoured with the 1st ever Society (UN) Magazine's Lifetime Achievement for his work in spreading peace through the martial arts.

This Lifetime achievement is wonderful news for our ITF members. 

World Championships in Tallin, Estonia - 24 August 2012

The only team from Africa participating in the World Championships in Tallin, Estonia, is South Africa.

As of Friday evening, 24th August 2012, they have amassed a total of 5 Gold; 3 Silver & 2 Bronze medals.


Patterns :

Veteran Gold Class Female 3rd Degree Annali Basson = Gold
Veteran Silver Class Female 3rd Degre Ronel Rust = Bronze
Veteran Silver Class Female 2nd Degree Sonya Rebelo = Gold
Veteran Silver Class Male 2nd Degree Bobby Rizzo = Silver

Sparring :

Veteran Gold Class Female -75kgs Annali Basson = Gold
Veteran Silver Class Female +75kgs Ronel Rust = Gold
Veteran Silver Class Female -68kgs Sonya Rebelo = Bronze


Female Veteran Team consisting of Annali Basson, Ronel Rust & Sonya Rebelo have raked in:

Patterns Gold
Sparring Silver
Power-Breaking Silver

Names (from Left to Right)

Ronel Rust, Sonya Rebelo, Senior Master Kim Jong Su, Amoret Vermaak (Assistant Coach), Annali Basson 

South African Team

The Person You Are

Being a martial artists is not about which organisation you belong to, the name of your club, how high you can kick (although one always strives to better oneself). It is about the person you are, how you live your life and if you live the tenets, not merely recite them in class. It is about how you conduct yourself in all spheres of life.

As part of trying to make a difference, the SA Veteran Female Team dressed up in orange as part of the Say No to Violence against Women campaign. It may be small, but if it changes one person's life it is worthwhile.Please see the UNiTE campaign at

The initiative is supported by the ITF, the ITF Women's Committee and several other organisations worldwide. 


Mr Meles Zenawi - 20 August 2012

On behalf of the TFA, President Annali Basson extends condolences to the Ethiopian people on this sad occasion of the passing of their Prime Minister, Mr Meles Zenawi

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